Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome To Song Lryics N' Lines!!!

Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics N' Lines is a place where you'll find a mix-up of song lyrics, movie lines, quotes, book passages, and hopefully... some original works by both the blog author(s), its readers, and random visitors. You are invited to submit any original work you have created to this blog. You are also invited to post your favorite song lyrics, movie lines, quotes, book passages, poems, etc. Just send it via email and leave a comment letting know you sent it in.

Magnifying GlassHelping grow visibility:

One goal here is to promote unheard of bands or musicians, and authors... the aspiring! Maybe you are an artist or photographer who would like another place to show your work off! Do you have a local band you think others need to hear of? How about a friend or family member who writes great things? Let know! Collaborate with other readers here. As long as you are not spamming, you are welcome to use this blog as vehicle to gain exposure! So please, add your own material!

Crazy Colorful Stuffed AnimalKeeping it interesting:

One thing I've noticed about Song Lyric sites, pages, and blogs... they are boring. Great, you've got the lyrics... now what? Maybe a loud, annoying background? Ads placed everywhere? Fun! Not. To keep things interesting, I'd like have something personal attached to every post.

Did you come across that movie line and it made you think of someone or something? Did that book passage move you? Did you personally experience those song lyrics? Let the reader know why you chose to post that! It'll keep things interesting.

Get started!

Enough intro! Get started, get inspired. Start reading the material. Start sharing with others. Most of all, thanks for visiting!

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