Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Soul Sis - Warren G Regulate Album

Song Lyrics

Wow, OK... So my girlfriend and I are laying bed tonight. After finding (what I thought was) an old mixed tape... yes, TAPE (as in cassette), we started to come up with old songs. We were talking about all the old radio songs we used to like. We end up stuck in this mid-90's area. We're singing all the songs we can remember the lyrics to. We found out quick that song lyrics become a little fuzzy after 10+ years. No matter, we still had a lot of material.

Then I came to the Warren G album. Man did this joint bring back some memories! The album? Album title:Regulate...g funk era (1994). My good friend and I must have a played this CD over 200 times in one summer. We knew all the words, to almost every track. Mix cool west coast hip-hop with dry, hot weather... and you have 5th grade summer right there. Vaguely... I remember some Coolio in there too!


Super Soul Sis - Warren G

The Lyrics:

Well it's the super, the duper, the Landcruisin trooper?

Take action? at times, they hang on my rhyme like Mr. Cooper

I'm takin you to a zone that's much far from wackness

So please could you tell me oh bud buddy can you hack this?

Yo, oh no, grab a hold of fadeables, gettin her flows on

like FloJo, runs in a marathon

Smooth like chocolate, so call me Big Mamma Kane

Feels like another one goin out for her reign

Step back, because I happen to be all that plus tax

I got more subscribers than HBO or Cinemax

Mile after mile I rip style after style

Crack dope in all the vials, ooh I'm glad I used Dial

Cause it can get funky when I'm singin my song

but I just flow on, and so on, I'm stinky cause I roll on

And then I hear rhyme callin I won't give it a rest

That's how I got the motherfuckin Super on my chest

*chorus*(Snoop: Fly through the sky gettin love)

(?: the whole wide world will watch me)

(repeat 2X)

Mister it's the, Masta Aces of the spade

Rappin skills are thinner than niggaz on AIDS

Up up and away it's the Super Soul Sis

I talk so much shit I got, halitosis

I knows this, I flows this, I'm funky, you stank

You a walkin blood bank I'm withdrawin' with my shank

Thanks for the memories, remember me no remedies

surrender the vicinity or catch a cap like a Kennedy

Cause I'm the Superwoman rapper I deserve a hail

Chasin MC's, got em on the run like Smurfs from Azrael

No bluff, the magic I puff, I'm chokin sho nuff

I'm takin a bite out of rappers as if my name was MC Negra

(Warren G: She's hotter than the South land on fire)

All you MC's desire, to run through my pyre

I'm turnin heads like the Exorcist while flexin this

Cause it's the Super Soul Sis


Sat on the outside, but now I'm the arena

A superfly mackadocious one you never seen a

soulful, cause I got a bowl-full of soul

Strollin because I have no vehicle to roll

But bring it bring it back to the topic of the solar mind

I can flow upbeat, to a slow beat, and be off beat and still on time

I rhyme, and swim waves of soul like Billy Ocean

Never ashy, lyrics that soothe ya like some lotion

Cause I can Krush any Groove bust on any move ya make

I keep my rhymes attached, like trains to a freight

Break ya Achey like Billy Ray, I'm fuckin up the industry

And fins to be,* Nanu Nanu like Mork and Mindy


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