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Book Passages

Although, I've already written a couple of passages I like from this book (on my other blog, I thought I'd jot down another that I liked. I've been reading Steve Martin's book: Born Standing Up. It's a great book, and I didn't have any idea how intelligent Steve Martin is. His vocabulary is vast (or possibly his editor's), and his stories very interesting.

One passage that struck me was not one of beauty or happiness... but one more of darkness and of sadness. More human. The passage describes how Martin saw his relationship with his father, and is as follows:

"The rest of my childhood, we hardly spoke; there was little he said to me that was not critical, and there was little I said back that was not terse or mumbled. when I graduated from high school, he offered to buy me a tuxedo. I refused because I had learned from him to reject all aid and assistance; he detested extravagance and pleaded with us not to give him gifts. I felt, through a convoluted logic, that in my refusal, I was being a good son. I wish now that I had let him buy me that tuxedo, that I had let him be a dad. Having cut myself off from him, and by association the rest of the family, I was incurring psychological debts that would come due years later in the guise of romantic misconnections and a wrong-headed quest for solitude. "

While reading this passage, I was amazed at the introspective look Steve Martin was able to take of himself. The scope of this self-analysis, is short of astounding. I think in reading this passage of the book, I too had a relate-able realization. The part about refusing material things and the feeling of it making you a better person/son. I've been there, and still struggle with this.

Great passage! Great book! If you haven't already, you must check it out!

If you have read this book, you may find this link of interest:

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