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Dumb & Dumber | Number One Comedy of All Time

Biztone's Number One Comedy of All Time

Dumb and Dumber Comedy
Dumb & Dumber (1994)

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels created the one of the best comedic films of all time. This movie is one that I can literally quote, line for line, from the beginning to the very end. Classic!

While I know, many will argue that Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
is funniest film of all time... that film doesn't even make my list. I actually don't even find that movie even slightly funny. I know... shocker.

Dumb & Dumber is the number one comedy... no, number one MOVIE of my adolescent years. My middle school best friend and I must have watched that movie over 100 times. No joke, seriously like over 100 times. I'm talking about every 11 days for three years. "I like it... I like it a lot."

Over the years, I have bonded with new friends over Dumb & Dumber. In fact, one friend and I, always greet each other with quotes from Dumb & Dumber. "I got worms!"

The film is genius for it's lines, quotes, and writing. Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, and Bennett Yellin wrote possibly the funniest movies of all time. With their creative talents, they gave birth to some of the all time great movie quotes!

The Main Dumb & Dumber Cast:
  • Jim Carrey as Lloyd ChristmasLloyd Christmas: Played by Jim Carrey. Lloyd opens the film as a limo driver. He is the first to meet Mary Swanson.... slippy, slappy, swimmy... Maybe it's on the briefcase! Lloyd has aspirations of opening a worm farm called "I've got worms," and going some place he knows somebody who can plug him into the social pipeline. He plays a part of lovestruck fool, who travels across the country to return a love memento to the girl of his dreams. A girl who gives him that old fashion feeling.

  • Jeff Daniels as Harry DunneHarry Dunne: Played by Jeff Daniels. Harry is the owner and operator of the shaggin' wagon (chicks dig it). He runs a mobile K9 (dogs... for the late person) grooming business Mutt Cuts out of it. Harry is the room mate, the best friend, and the would-be business partner of Lloyd Christmas. Harry is the co-pilot on the cross country trek to return the Swanson briefcase. While not all the way on board with the impromptu expedition at first, Harry finds himself smitten with Mary later on in the film. While he struggles with his best friend morals, Harry finds himself taking Lloyd's girl out in Aspen Colorado ("Mmmm.... California, beautiful!")

  • Lauren Holly as Mary SwansonMary Swanson: Played by Lauren Holly. Mary is the film's inspiration for the road trip. Mary is introduced by hiring Lloyd to drive her to the airport in a limo. "If I know her, like I think I do, Mary should invite us right in for tea and strumpets!" As Mary flys off to Aspen, she seemingly forgets her briefcase in the airport! What a big goof! What do you think the chance of that are? Not good? Not good like one out of a hundred?

  • Nicholas Andre from Dumb and DumberNicholas Andre: Played by Charles Rocket. Nicholas Andre is the villain of this film. While Andre and his cronies find Lloyd and Harry to be a pair of odd ducks... he does not think that they are Dumb & Dumber. He thinks that they are good. Real good. Andre holds Mary's husband ransom, while his two henchman work on recovering the briefcase full of money. "Husband? What was all that one in a million talk?" Anyway, Nicholas... we have plenty of towels... thanks.

  • Cam Neely as Sea BassKick his ass Sea Bass!: Played by Cam Neely. Not having a huge role in the movie, this man has been immortalized! He has to be mentioned. Sea Bass is a diner regular. Just laid back country folk as Lloyd would describe. While having an apparent strong appetite for ass kicking and a flair for trucker clothes...(believe me, I would never do anything to offend a man of his size!) Sea Bass is not a big fan of Harry and Lloyd. Although, he can't be all that bad. He did buy the boys a delicious meal after all. His hat is usually a fun trivia topic. It reads: "Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 69 'em." Look for Sea Bass in country diners and gas station restrooms across America. For manly love... be there... March 25th at 2:15am sharp!

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  1. anyone know that music playing in he background whereLloyd meets Mary for the first time?

    It also played when they departed at the airport.