Thursday, July 2, 2009

One of my new favorites

Terrance O'Quinn

Terrance O'Quinn also known as Terry O'Quinn, has found his way onto my list of favorite actors. Terry O'Quinn has probably gained most of his mass appeal from his character John Locke, on ABC's Lost. This is where I first learned about Mr. O'Quinn... or so I thought.
I have recently stumbled across a lot of his older works, and Terrance O'Quinn has popped on TV and Film alike. Today, the SciFi channel is running a Twilight Zone marathon. Guess who shows up on an episode called "chameleon?" That's right, Terry O'Quinn! He portrayed a NASA-like scientist, investigating a strange space box.
Two weeks ago, I was at home due to a foot problem. I decided to rent an old movie or two, a few that I hadn't seen... but have heard a lot of references to... turns out Terry O'Quinn played Alex McSween on Young Guns (1988). He's also in another of my film favorites, Tombstone.
Terry has won me over as the most interesting character on Lost (in my opinion). O'Quinn has also surprised me with his excellent film choices from his past. Likewise, I'm excited to see where he'll go.

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