Sunday, July 12, 2009

The King Still Reigns

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

Michael Jackson still reigns supreme as the king of Pop Music. That is, at least, according to iTunes top 100 albums list. There is now no denying, if there ever was any doubt in the first place, that Michael Jackson is the king of pop!

With 16 albums or versions there of, in the top 50! Jackon's four albums that are in the top are, The Essential Michael Jackson, Number Ones, Thriller, and The Stripped Mixes (in respective order). Michael beats out many of today's most popular artists.

Whether it is the beat and the music, or his unforgettable lyrics, Michael Jackson made the public dance for four generations, broke racial barriers, and touched the nation. Although Jackson was mocked for the later years of his life as he grew more reclusive and mysterious, and after harmful allegations of child molestation... his fans still remain steadfast in their love for Michael.

The evidence is clear in the public outcries after his death. The evidence is clear in his record breaking record sales! Whether Michael Jackson is a pop music hero in your heart, or just a punchline to you... He still reigns the undisputed king of pop!

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