Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skullcandy Earbud Headphones

Music to your skull

Skullcandy headphonesI've been in the market for a while now concerning some headphones. I've been looking for something aftermarket, if you will... Skullcandy is that something. Skullcandy headphones are music to my ears... ney, music to my skull!

While I love, love my Sansa View... I am not crazy about the stock headphones that were provided with it when I bought it. Nor am I fan of the stock headphones provided with iPod's products either. Sure, they get the job done. They don't sound bad or anything. I just find then uncomfortable. I like Skullcandy's answer for ear buds!

So, what is so cool about my new, comfortable earbuds? Beside the fact that I can stand to keep them in my ear orifice for more than 10 minutes, they put out some super impressive sound. While blocking out other distracting noises and unwanted voices. What does the box have to say about this matter? On sentence that sells me every time. "Bass-Rich Noise Isolation Ear Buds."

The foam-like casing around the actual micro speakers are two fold amazing. They act as a natural noise canceling agent, as well as provide some super comfy padding. The speaker diameter is 11mm. The frequency range is 16-20K Hz, Impedance: 16 ohms. They also come with a Gold plated 3.5mm plug, so you get excellent sound transfer from your MP3 player or other electronic devices.

I'm kind of confused as to which set I have. I've recently seen them listed under "Full Metal Jack," no not like Gomer Pile. When I bought mine however.... the box says "Striker." Whether they are Skullcandy Full Metal Jack or Skullcandy Striker... I love them. Plus the black, zip, Skull pattern, Nylon carrying case is pretty sweet.

If you are in the market for some super high quality ear buds, and maybe don't want to spend the type of money it requires to get a pair of Bose headphones... I suggest you consider Skullcandy. It's a solid product. The company also seems to have a pretty decent consumer warranty on their products.

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