Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got a new Sansa View!


Today, I was fortunate enough to come into a little unforeseen money from work. I have been acquiring Best Buy gift cards for a while now (birthday, Christmas), in hopes of buying a solid MP3 player. I think I hit it right on the money. I headed over with gift cards in hand to Best Buy. I investigated all the MP3 players they had in stock, for a good 20 minutes or so. I had already done prior online research.

I asked around about the all the players. This seemed to be the best non-Apple MP3 product for the money! It has all the features I want, and then some. I wanted to make sure to avoid getting any form of Apple iPods. I have several friends and a family member who have had trouble the iPod's scrolling mechanism. When they ask for this to be made right, they are met with shrugs from Apple. They are told to buy a new one. BUY A NEW ONE?! No thank you. Apple lost me as customer... (they would have had me if I had never heard of this problem).

The Sansa View

This is an awesome MP3 player! It has video, music, photos, FM radio, and a bunch of other stuff that I most likely will never use. I got the 16GB version, due to large amounts of CDs that I need to convert to music files.

I have around 300 CDs, give or take, that are bulky and inefficient. I don't like keeping them in my car, but also like to have variety. The Sansa View was my perfect solution! It was time for me to embrace today's technology. Do your research on this bad boy, it's the BEST MP3 player you'll find for the money!

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