Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Santa | Number Two Comedy of All Time

My number two comedy of all time is Bad Santa (2003). Well, Badder Santa if you want to get technical. I love this DVD! You can watch your reruns of It's Wonderful Life on TV all you want. Maybe you like those claymation elves and Santa. My style? Give me Billy Bob Thornton, John Ritter, Lauren Graham, Bernie Mac, and Tony Cox for my Christmas movie choice.

Bad SantaBad Santa was also the last film John Ritter ever acted in before he passed away in September of 2003. He played the nervous and bumbling Bob Chipeska in this film. Although, not known for his dark comedy, I think Ritter did an excellent job portraying a nerd in this movie. This role helped the story line move along.

Coincidentally, it is also one of the final films Bernie Mac acted in before he died in 2008. Mac plays Gin, a loss-prevention manager gone extortionist. Honestly, when it comes to Bernie, I'd rather pass. The only time I have found Bernie's comedy remotely funny, was his stand up on Kings of Comedy! "I want some milk n' cookies!"

In my opinion, Billy Bob Thornton is genius! Pure, unabashed, true genius. Comedy gold. He plays an alcoholic thief named Willie, who simply can't get his life together. He hates children, yet he is plagued with them jumping in his lap and making a mess of him.

This movie is everything I want out of a comedy. The unapologetic crassness of this particular picture bumps it all the way to number two on my list of the best comedies of all time! It journeys into my realm of my particular, loved sense of humor. You don't see comedy flicks that are so real. Everyone is flawed, and swears excessively. The writing and insults are also insanely witty. Classic!

  • Billy Bob ThorntonWillie - Played by Billy Bob Thornton. Willie is the main character in Bad Santa. Willie is a has been... rather, a never was. Willie, a chronic alcoholic, has a knack for cracking safes. His lofty aspirations are those of opening a bar on a beach, and maybe marrying a waitress. An unlikely father figure, Willie (or Santa) finds himself squatting at Thurman Merman's (a.k.a. the kid), family residence."Is granny spry?" Turn on's for Willie (I'd imagine) are strong drinks, strip clubs, & scratch-it's. Turn off's: Bob Chipeska and "Shit-ass Mexico."

  • John Ritter in Bad SantaBob Chipeska - Played by John Ritter. Bob is a very nervous, spectacle adorned individual. He apparently does the hiring for the Christmas mall Santas and Santa's helper positions. Bob is not a very big fan of Willie and Marcus. Chipeska makes sure to keep a very watchful eye on the duo's every movement. He also finds himself extremely uncomfortable with little people, sausage fingers, and anal sex with large women.

  • Lauren Graham from Bad SantaSue the Bar Tender -Played by Lauren Graham. As a bar tender with an affinity for men in Santa suits, Lauren Graham is not the same Gilmore girl you are used to. Especially after watching her mount Santa in the front seat of his busted whip, then again in the hot tub with spry granny passed out in the recliner not far off. She has some deep seeded, childhood-tied attraction to Santa Clause. Sue helps Willie and Thurman throughout their wayward journey.

  • Bernie MacGin - Played by Bernie Mac. I gave most of the details for Mac's character in the intro to this post. Gin's role in Bad Santa is the mall's loss prevention manager. A lot of Mac's interactions take place in the office with Bob Chipeska. As he learns the truth of Willie and Marcus's motives, he approaches them with an offer they can not refuse. Literally, they can't. Not even if they wanted to. Luckily for Willie and Marcus he doesn't want to change their system. He just wants a taste. "Half..."

  • Tony Cox in Bad SantaMarcus -Played by Tony Cox. "We are men... and Louis. We get the shit." Marcus is the mastermind behind the Bad Santa and Elf operation. Due to his physical attributes, Marcus has carved out a niche in mall thievery. Motivated by greed, and pushed by his unholy significant other, he cracks the proverbial whip on Willie. Another roll he plays in the operation, is case the joint. He learns the layout of the mall, and disarms the alarms. With a fowl mouth and bad attitude, you couldn't design a better movie character. Could you? Go ahead and try. "Sketch it up Leonardo!"

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