Monday, December 21, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

On my Christmas Wish list: Xbox360

I've wanted to get a Microsoft Xbox 360 for a while now. Back in college, my friend got one as a graduation gift. I remember playing Tiger Woods golf on that Xbox 360 for hours!

Tiger Woods golf, is actually one of my favorite games of all time. I must have spent 2 hours alone on customizing my golfer. I made him look just like me. Earning the power ups, the clothes, and the sponsorships. It is very much like golf in real life, always striving to improve, to lower your score.

This season, the video game to have seems to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Gamespot gives Call of Duty: M. W. 2 a solid 9.0 rating. Gamespot raves: "Modern Warfare 2 nails the three pillars of play--campaign, cooperative, and multiplayer--to earn its place in the pantheon of modern shooters."

Modern Warfare 2 also receives great reviews from Xbox360.ign. With an overall of 9.5, the game is dubbed "incredible" on this site. With graphics, sounds, and Lasting Appeal all scoring a perfect 10!

Get this game!

Here's what interests me about this game: The game play. It looks like some super sweet graphics! I'm sure it is action packed. Modern Warfare 2 also looks like it has a killer story line. All the ingredients of a very solid game.

Here's what deters me: The demographic this game draws. I'm not trying to make some bull shit point about young men becoming violent off of war games. Not at all. What I mean by that, is that this type of game is douche bag candy. It's like rubbing the urine of a doe in heat all over yourself while hunting... or like rolling in tuna blood just before you jump off a fishing boat into shark infested waters. If you want to play online, you are going to encounter jackasses. Either that, or pale skinned, middle aged virgins, who dwell in the depths of their parents' basements. Guys that fail in every aspect of their lives, except becoming gaming gods. Making it nearly impossible to enjoy oneself online.

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