Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover (2009)

Comedy Film of the Year! The Hangover took over box offices as of late! According to Yahoo!, The Hangover dominated the box offices this weekend.

The Hangover has mixed reviews from critics and movie goers a like. One thing is undeniable however, The Hangover will leave you woozy. Gut-busting jokes, funny songs, and crazy situations from beginning to end.

The Hangover focuses on the Groom's party taking a Las Vegas Road trip for the bachelor party. Once in Vegas, the group checks in to their hotel and has a roof top toast to the groom. Flash forward to the next morning. Headaches, mysteries, and a missing groom! Now the gang must puzzle the pieces of the previous night together to find their boy... one problem, they can't remember a damn thing!
Bradley Cooper does a great job Phil Wenneck. He is a school teacher who needs to get away from his students and family (wife and kids) for the weekend. He's rude and crude. Everything you could want from a groomsman.
Ed Helms, who you might recognize from NBC's hit The Office, plays your average whipped-pushover. His character Stu price needs nothing more than to get away from his agro girlfriend for a weekend in Vegas... um, if that's ok with her. He's the safe, level headed one... and as might guess, has a really hard time on this trip.
Zach Galifianakis plays Alan Garner. Brother of the bride. Alan is simply a blanket, some food, a park, two hungry people, and a picnic basket... shy of a picnic. HE'S NUTS! Galifianakis will probably see a lot more lead roles from this movie. Think Vince Vaughen, Owens Brothers, Will Ferrell type of movies. Although, according to IMD, Galifianakis has very extensive resume of being behind the camera! His character Alan Garner will have you laughing until you cry... well, either that, or completely confused.
Justin Bartha plays the groom, Doug Billings. I most recognize this actor from his work in National Treasure, opposite of Nicholas Cage. Although, he doesn't get a lot of face time in The Hangover, due to the fact that he is the missing groom... you can't help but love him. He's the quiet, appreciative, non-judgemental friend of the rag-tag group.
Rachel Harris plays Melissa, controlling girlfriend of Stu. She's rude, controlling, unfaithful, and obsessive. She does a great job of making you hate her in this film.
There is a lot of other talent that pulls this film together, but an extra special mention goes out to Ken Jeong! I won't give anything away about his character, Mr. Chow... but if you've seen the film, you'll know what I am talking about. He's been visible on the film scene lately, most notable from Role Models and Knocked Up.


  1. this movie was NOT boring! It was gret! SOOOOO FUNNNY!