Monday, June 15, 2009

Film Dog Day Afternoon

Film: Dog Day Afternoon

Crazy film! I know it's a cult classic and had to rent it. The reason I rented so many movies this week is because I have a gift card from Christmas time, that needs to be used! The weather here has been really rainy, so it's the perfect week for some Film!
To me, this film was interesting on several levels. To avoid spoilers, for those of you out there who haven't seen the movie... I won't reveal them all. What I liked about this film is that it wasn't your typical banker robber movie... but, at the same time, it was your typical bank robber movie. Also, the film is based on a true story.
Al Pacino plays Sonny Wortzik, an ex-bank employee who decides to try his luck at robbing a bank. He and his friend end up in stand off with both the police and the FBI. The heat escalates from there.
The best way to sum this movie comes from it's Tag Line:
"The robbery should have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live T.V. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it's all true."
Other Taglines:
  • "The Most Bizarre Bank Siege Ever"
  • "Anything can happen during the dog days of summer. On August 22nd, 1972, everything did"
  • "In August, 1972, Sonny Wortzik robbed a bank. 250 cops, the F.B.I., 8 hostages and 2,000 onlookers will never forget what took place."


Al Pacino -- Sonny Wortzik

John Cazale -- Sal

Judith Malina -- The Mother (Vi)

William Bogert -- News Caster

Charles Durning -- Detective Eugene Moretti

Chris Sarandon -- Leon Shermer

Sully Boyar -- Mulvaney

Penelope Allen -- Slyvia

Amy Levitt -- Moria

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