Friday, February 20, 2009

Justin James - Sun Drenched

Artist: Justin James
Album: Sun Drenched

Online Music RadioAlright... a little background information for you first. I learned about Justin James on Pandora. Pandora is quite possibly the best thing ever to happen to web, it blends both the power of the internet and the beauty of music.

Pandora is a fully customizable radio with multiple stations. You can literally tailor music stations to your tastes. Mine, for example, include a country channel, a rap channel, and an acoustic channel. You can get even more mixed or more specific from there. For example I have a station called "Chill Rap" which has the more smooth R&B style of rap songs. I also have station that is called "Good Times" radio (which stems from Tommy Lee's song Good Times). Good Times Radio is just basically a station that I approve songs that put me in a good mood.

My favorite feature of Pandora is the thumbs up, thumbs down button. Hear a song you can't stand? Give it a thumbs down and you'll never hear it again. It will also avoid playing songs with similar qualities to that one. If it's just not right for that station, you have the ability to move it to another. The thumbs up tells Pandora to bring you more songs like that. You can also click for more info on the artist, the track, the album, etc. From there you can purchase the MP3 from Apple or Amazon. Pandora is pure sweetness! (Are you jealous candied apple?)

Justin James - Sun Drenched

Justin James playing guitar on beachAlright, on to main subject. Justin James is cool west coast music. I'd call his style a blend of poppy riffs and lyrics, coupled with laid back, beach rock guitar (you are welcome to call me out on this, as I am not a music aficionado). Justin's sound kind of makes feel like I'm on an island or somewhere relaxing... much like Kenny Chesney's new direction.

One day, while trading (yes, trading futures... see my blog about that here and checking the charts... I am listening to Pandora, then I hear an upbeat melody radiate from my computer. Curious, I minimize my charting windows and direct my attention to Pandora's artist and track details. Low and behold, I'm introduced to the music of Justin James.

The song Right here, Right now was playing. It's really the only one of his I'd heard. I think it's a pretty bad ass song. After doing a little more recent research, I've come to also like the song California by Justin. In fact while writing this article and viewing his official web page, I haven't found a song of his I don't like... I tried finding MP3 tracks to embed of Right Here, Right now... but it has been pretty damn hard. If you're interested, check out the album.

For more info:
Justin James is signed to 10 Spot Records, which sounds like it is a semi-indie record label. From my understanding, they do have ties to larger music venues for distribution purposes. You can also find Justin James listed at 10 Spot Records.

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