Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Worst Songs to Pick for Karaoke

"Karaoke isn't for everyone"
Karaoke isn't for everyone, but it's something you should try at least once in your life. Karaoke fans get to know the thrill of standing up on a stage and being under a bright spotlight. It's a chance for you to shine and forget about your everyday stress and obligations. It's really the only form of entertainment that allows you to be an active participant rather than just watching as you would with television or movies. You get to be a star and the entire room is entirely focused on you. And it doesn't matter who you are - you don't want to make a fool of yourself or get laughed off the stage. A successful karaoke performance depends on several factors and one of them is song choice. When you pick the right song, the crowd will be cheering for you as soon as they hear it. On the other hand, if you pick a song that is overdone, tired, or downright lame - don't be surprised if the audience isn't all that excited. Here are some of the worst songs you can pick for karaoke.

Friday by Rebecca Black - the thing to remember about this song is it was so much fun to watch on YouTube because it was so bad. But as a song itself, it has almost no redeeming qualities. You might be able to jazz up your performance with a bit of “cheese factor” to acknowledge the ridiculousness of the song itself, but chances are the crowd is still going to groan. Everyone has already had their fill of this less-than-stellar song and it's unlikely anyone will want to hear your rendition - although vocally speaking, it probably won't be any worse than Rebecca Black herself.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison - this is a great song. You love it, your friends love it, and every time it comes on the radio you sing along. But the fact this is such a great song means it's one of the most popular and over-used hits at any karaoke bar. It's almost impossible for any karaoke bar to go through a night without somebody singing this song, and if it happens to be you, you can be sure all of the waitresses and the bartenders will be rolling their eyes at your unoriginal song choice.

Anything Country - if you live in anything remotely resembling a city, no one wants to hear century karaoke. There is definitely a big market for it in the deep red states, but even there country songs are used sparingly throughout the night. There's just something about the tone and pace of country music that is not quite conducive for a party atmosphere. Of course there are more upbeat country tunes these days but they still require that recognizable country drawl that most people can't pull off.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston - this is another extremely popular karaoke choice, but there are a few problems with it. For one, it's a very boring song until you get to the final exciting part. And once you get there, chances are you don't have the vocal chops to pull it off. There are very few singers in the world who can match what Whitney Houston did on this vocal track, and your attempt will probably pale in comparison. Even if you have a good voice and think you can pull it off, pick something more upbeat so that people don't get bored for the first 3 minutes of this song.

My Way by Frank Sinatra - this is a classic tune that everyone loves. The only problem when it comes to karaoke is - the song is cursed! Over in the Philippines, this song has been linked to numerous brawls and even a few murders. People over there believe this song is now cursed and you should avoid it at all costs. There are practical reasons for why violence seems to follow this song around that include people being very possessive of this tune. Especially since it's called “My Way” everyone thinks their rendition is the best. People who don't believe in curses would just say that karaoke fanatics fight over the right to sing this song which results in violence. But those who believe in more mystic forces would tell you to stay well away because this song could get you killed!

This list of worst karaoke songs comes from our friends at karaokemachineguide.com, a great site dedicated to the love of karaoke fun.

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