Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wizard of Oz on Google Homepage - 71st Anniversary

Wizard of Oz Celebrates 71st Anniversary

Why is the Wizard of Oz on the front page of Google? It is because the Wizard of Oz is celebrating it's 71st Anniversary! That's right, the film is a long time senior citizen. It's been around since 1939!

Judging by search results for "wizard of anniversary google," this has been burning up the internet all day long. The popular musical movie has been the hot topic of many search queries as well as chat forums.

About the Wizard of Oz

As if you didn't already know the whole danged movie from heart... Listen, I won't bore you with a whole, well versed recap of the film. You can read about the Wizard of Oz on Wikipedia if you want that. If you don't know what this flick is about... shame on you! In case you're that Brendan Fraser feller, and have been locked in a bomb shelter for the past 60 years (which if that is the case, you STILL should have see it), here is a quick recap of what you'll need to know:
  • Curious and naive Dorthy wanders around a black and white Kansas countryside to introduce you to the cast of the movie. 
  • Her dog Toto bites a bitchy old town lady (Spoiler alert! She's the witch) and runs away.
  • A dusty, dark tornado rolls into town. Dorthy is isolated and knocked unconscious by flying debris.
  • She wakes up in Crack Town (movie magically shifts to color), and sees all kinds of trippy shiz-aye.
  • The Witch comes, threatens the town of "little people," (who are, by the way, ok with being called Munchkins) about some ruby red slippers. Yeah, I know... You're thinking "but that's Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City!" I assure it's not, there was an ugly, annoying, shoe-coveting woman before her. 
  • Blah, blah, blah... oh wait, you're still reading this? Right on!
  • Dorthy goes looking for... get this, THE WIZARD OF OZ! 
  • Like a wayward bar hussy, she encounters and recruits three strange men to accompany her.
  • Angry trees, flying monkeys, sparkling yellow pathways, and angry blue would-be British Guards happen (aka the acid trip continues). 
  • They reach the "Emerald City." (Which is not the same place as the set of the "Bam" cooking TV chef.)
  • A color changing horse.
  • Manipulative "man behind the curtain" is the Wizard. WHOA! What?
  • Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin man all receive representative tokens of things they've had all along. (Warm fuzzies, life lessons!)
  • She clicks her heels, goes home, and discovers "Like OMG! You were in my dream... No way bro... you were there too! WTF?"
  • Credits Roll.

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