Thursday, September 3, 2009

History Channel's Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

I have a new addiction. It's Pawn Stars on the History Channel. It's a show on a family run pawn business, with three generations at the helm of a wayward ship. The three generations consist of the grandfather "The Old man," or Richard Harrison. The son/father, "The Spotter" (although I have yet to hear him called that on the show), or Rick Harrison. The son/grandson, "Big Hoss," or Corey Harrison.
The show chronicles the bizarre and unique items that come into pawn shops. Everything from old war and military items, to celebrity memorabilia, to your basic items. The first step the Pawn Stars take in completing a deal is determining if the customer wants to Pawn an item, or to sell the item.
Pawning an item consists of taking it in as collateral, and loaning money. The customer then has a set number of days to return the money (plus interest). If they do not, the item then becomes the pawn business' money. This has been established as one of the first and most basic forms of credit. The customer can also just sell the item. Bring it in, negotiate a price, and make the deal.
Get this show! It's awesome.

Read more about the Pawn Stars.

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