Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kindle... The New Book?

The New Kindle

The Kindle is a device that allows the user to download books and store them on the device. Want something off of the New York Times best seller list? Turn on the Kindle and begin downloading. Within a minute you can have a whole book in your finger tips. It's that simple and apparently very clear and easy on the eyes while reading.

I remember first hearing about the Kindle on an episode of Oprah. Of course once Oprah endorsed this bad boy the whole world had to have one. The problem was that I was skeptical... well, that and intrigued. Is it just a gimmick, or would you really be able to read an entire book off this device? I don't mean that in the sense of " it possible?" I know the information would transfer. My question was if I could physically stare at a screen and make my way through chapter after chapter on an electric device like the Kindle. I suppose the Kindle couldn't be all that different than the time I spend online reading things. That is something that makes the Kindle appealing and interesting.

Kindle Specs:

  • Sold by Amazon digital Services
  • Light weight
  • Most New releases and New York Times Best sellers are $9.99 (sound like play from Apples book? Anyone?)
  • 3G Wireless
  • 10.2 Oz. Weight
  • Just over a third of an inch

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