Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adding Albums to the Sansa View

MP3 Player

(Sorry for the extreme lack of updating!) Tonight I'm adding new music to my MP3 (the Sansa View) player. I bought two new albums last night, almost three. I ended up getting John Rich's Son of a preacher man, and Shinedown's The sound of madness. Eminem's new album was a close third. I decided against Eminem, because I think it's just the kid in me that wants his album. I'm going to have to listen to his songs on the net and see if I still think it's worth it or not.

John Rich: Son of a Preacher Man:

This album reminds me of real country music, not all that pop garbage that's on CMT. He sings about current events (i.e. The bailout of the banks, and Detroit's auto crisis). John Rich grew on me over time, I started out hating Big and Rich when they debuted. I watched his reality show and the way talked about country music won me over.

Find more about John Rich and his music (and new album, Son of a Preacher Man) at his website. There you can find John Rich Music, John Rich Tour Dates, John Rich News, John Rich Music Videos and more!

Shinedown: The Sound of Madness

A good friend of mine turned me on to Shinedown in college. I really liked the songs Simple Man and 45. I bought the follow up album to that (Us and Them). Soon I got Leave a whisper. Now I own The sound of Madness and am very glad I bought it. They have the same sound, so it's really nothing new... but it's what I like.

You can check out their official website at There you'll be able to buy and view Shinedown music, the Shinedown blog, Shinedown concerts, Shinedown photos, Shinedown videos and more!

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