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Garth Brooks - Alabama Clay

Country Music - Garth Brooks: Alabama Clay Song Lyrics

I bought my last Garth Brooks CD not long ago. It was not my first Garth Brooks CD however. I am a huge Garth fan! This CD cost me a whopping $3.00! It's a dated album of his, his first.

A while back, my sister and I were in the car. We wanted to listen to Garth Brooks for old times sake. She wanted to hear his song Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old). Upon digging through my cumbersome CD case, she notified me that I didn't have this album. I was almost positive that I owned every Garth Brooks album out there. I was wrong.

I made a mental note to pick up a copy as soon as possible. Wandering through Wal Mart (still trying to break the habit of not buying from local business), I found it at the bargain basement price of $3.00! I was shocked, but happy.

The CD lay in the back seat of my car for the next few weeks. I was listening to Tony Dungy's audio book, Quiet Strength. After that I followed up with Robert T. Kiyosaki's: Before You Quit Your Job. Upon finishing these audio books, I was in the mood for music again. I saw the still sealed disc in the backseat and immediately tore it open.

I sang along to all the ones I knew, which were most of them. Then came Alabama Clay. The music sounded familiar, as did the song. I wasn't sure if I remembered the track, or if it just seemed like I did. I decided these thoughts were pretty trivial and directed my attention back to the lyrics.

The vivid song spoke to me. I relate to the lyrics of this particular song, the older I grow. I remember times from my youth on horseback with my family, camping trips, vacations to national parks, trips to the lake, and more. It seems like the older I grow, the more time I spend in the city. So this song hit me. It's a great song.

Quick Album facts:
According to the official Garth Brooks website (click here), the album (titled: Garth Brooks) started it all. The site states: "One Artist. One decade. One hundred million. This is the album that started it all." This particular album sold in excess of 9 million units!

Garth Brooks -Alabama Clay Song Lyrics:

First time he saw the ground get busted
He was ten and it was 1952
His daddy worked hard from sunup to sundown
And the goin' got tough behind them ol' gray mules

The farm grew to be a moneymaker
And the house he lived in grew up room by room
The boy worked hard but soon got tired of farmin'
So he slipped away one night 'neath the harvest moon

(First Chorus)
His neck was red as Alabama clay
But the city's call pulled him away
He's got a factory job and runs a big machine
He don't miss the farm or the fields of green

Now the city's just a prison without fences
His job is just a routine he can't stand
And at night he dreams of wide-open spaces
Fresh dirt between his toes and on his hands

Then one day a picture came inside a letter
Of a young girl with a baby in her arms
And the words she wrote would change his life forever
So he went to raise his family on the farm

(Second Chorus)
His neck is red Alabama clay
Now he's goin' home this time to stay
Where the roots run deep on the family tree
And the tractor rolls through the fields of green

(Repeat Second Chorus)

His neck is red as Alabama clay.

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This cover actually does the song justice. Very nice work. Enjoy.

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